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The Buttons To Learn A New Wrinkle il y a 3 mois 3 semaines #21666

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EA is the huge corp from the NBA 2K MT gaming world. They do and say whatever will deliver them greatest gain. Kaepernick refused to stand up throughout the national anthem which generated a chain reaction in the league. Much like anybody's losing sleep over a (likely ) cinematic trailer promoting a game that will just be exactly the same as last season's. Comes off as EA trying to get people to forget they recently renewed basically a complete monopoly on NFL games that majorly pissed off sports sport fans.

EA hoping to get people to forget that they renewed basically an entire monopoly on NFL games that majorly pissed off sports sport fans. EA and NFL didn't induce eachother to a decision. I'm sure they are both pleased to make bucketloads of money. People only want to blame the party they despise the most. The NFL honestly doesnt care in any way, they just care about their picture and profits, they understand the picture the nfl's had beneath EA and are satisfied with that ongoing without taking"danger" in seeing other publishers would introduce their brand. In terms of money they probably decided that however much ea is paying for exclusivity is close enough to offeset the additional profits gained from moving multi-published, im not happy about, but thats the reality. Many people outside echochambers like this one do not care.

Yeah we all keep saying this. Vast majority of Reddit won't buy it. Why the fuck would EA care if they still make absolute bank on the match. I am wondering exactly what next-gen will bring to the table. The teaser trailer from a couple weeks ago had a peek at the in-engine footage. EA does something many people would regard as good and people find ways to make it bad. Because a fair amount of cynicism towards corporate gestures of"solidarity" is healthful. It's not entirely indifferent, but for example, we've seen this with satisfaction. Most companies only started doing it once they knew it was financially safe to come out in service. Does not make it a terrible thing. Look at Netflix writers. A good deal of them have openly stated that they have desired x race or x sexuality character in shows they've wanted to make, only for other studios to tell them to tone it down or remove it entirely. Netflix doesn't tell these people to write stories like that, they've just given them the liberty to. Much like HBO.

Idk, the way I view it, companies are always trying to pander. Examine the"we're going through rough times" shit we got for covid19. I really don't understand why folks single out Pride month pandering year after year. I don't understand why folks single out Pride month pandering year after year. Because frequently, a bunch of companies who have supported anti-LGBT policies, politicians, or perhaps have just been not incredibly progressive previously, all slap rainbow avatars on twitter and say some words that Easy ways to get mt 2k21 are hollow, or even worse, attempting to market pride-themed product. Because often, a lot of companies that have supported anti-LGBT policies, politicians, or perhaps have only been not incredibly progressive in the past, all slap rainbow avatars on Twitter and say some hollow words, or worse, attempting to monetize pride-themed merchandise. It is singled out because it's especially transparent. I think fauxgressive is much better. Passive progressive sounds like an authentic progressive entity who makes no innovative actions. Fauxgressive seems like someone pretending to be progressive. I remember reading that a sizable segment of the LGBTQ community hates the way corporate Pride Parades have gotten since those businesses were nowhere to be seen when their support would have decided, particularly in the height of the AIDS crisis.
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