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There are exercises you can do to Brain C 13 improve your mindset and help you achieve the growth you desire in your body. These should be done every day. One exercise is visualization. Cut out several pictures from fitness magazines of the body type you would like to have and paste your head on them. Next, place these photos where you will see them each and every day.

Take the time to really study the photos. Imagine that the image you see is your current reality. Imagine what that body feels like and the confidence you have in that body. It is important to imagine everything as if it is true right now. You should find yourself thinking and acting more confidently even before the physical changes manifest themselves.Once you have begun to think and feel like a huge guy, the body will naturally follow.

When you look in the mirror, see yourself as the big muscular guy you would like to be. One of the natural consequences of this type of mindset training is that you will begin to treat yourself like a big muscular guy and doing the things that big muscular guys do (lifting weights and eating a lot) will become more natural to you.
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