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SUJET : Fight Away the Weight Loss Diet Blues

Fight Away the Weight Loss Diet Blues il y a 2 semaines 17 heures #30300

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The only explanation of how you Lumaslim can burn fat naturally while you rest or sleep never shuns the benefit of getting ample sleep. Ample rest and releasing stress are additional dynamics that influence your fat burning process. In a nutshell, the best way to burn fat while you sleep is to ensure you have breakfast 12 hours after dinner.In honor of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I decided to offer some tips for avoiding holiday pounds. I've followed these approaches for years and they work great!

Go for more unprocessed foods like nuts, olives, veggies (minimize dips), guacamole and proteins like chicken or shrimp, with a few slices of cheese. Skip crackers, chips, breads or foods in fried or baked wrappers as the carbs will spike your blood glucose, adding to weight gain. Many pre-packaged foods also have extra salt, trans fats, sugar, preservatives and additives which can interfere with digestion.

Hydrate as you go. Keep a glass of water nearby or alternate each drink of alcohol with a glass of water (for mixed drinks, you add water as you go before your next drink). The goal is to drink an equal amount of water for each drink you have. Sip your drinks and eat as you go to slow the rate of alcohol absorption. Red wine and beer are some good choices (1 or 2 drinks total) and go easy on mixed drinks or soda. For egg nog just have a small sample taste if you want.
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