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SUJET : Uses of Vision Therapy to Improve Eysight

Uses of Vision Therapy to Improve Eysight il y a 2 semaines 14 heures #30313

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In the REM states of sleep you do Eagle Eye 911 have some blinking occurring, but overall the eye is a static environment while you sleep trapping bacteria on the surface of the eye. The eye has it's own immune system that is ramped up at night to compensate for this increase in bacteria. The result is a state of mild inflammation is almost everybody. As the body ages and the eyes become dryer the relative concentration of bacteria and bacterial toxins increases making a more noticeable immune response.

With menopause, there is a drop in hormone levels in both men and women. The androgen hormone that is more commonly associated with men seems to be the largest factor in dry eyes in women. The incidence of dry eyes in women is at least 3-4 times more commonly reported than in men and also increases with age. The eyelid anatomy contributes to eyelid swelling. There is a barrier to fatty tissue in the upper eyelid that degrades with age and fatty tissue enters into the lid causing it to droop all of the time.

The eyelid tissue looses its elasticity with age and thins resulting in more susceptibility and visibility of swelling. Sleeping at night without blinking with the buildup of inflammation described above causes swelling in the adjacent eyelid tissue. Since you are lying down with a slight elevation to your head there is reduced drainage of fluid within the lymph system and fluid accumulates on the lower eyelid. This will reduce throughout the day if the cause is chronic low-grade inflammation overnight.
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