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SUJET : Paleo Dining: Eat Like A Dinosaur For Better

Paleo Dining: Eat Like A Dinosaur For Better il y a 2 semaines 11 heures #30329

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Try lowering meat consumption to The Longevity Blueprint once daily to decrease risk of heart disease.Doctors and cardiologists who emphasize an interest in healing and reversing chronic diseases with plant based diets, suggest that the first word of health advice should be simply, "eat more fruits and vegetables, raw when you can."Followers know I'm a big fan of fat - healthy fat. There really is a difference between healthy and unhealthy fats.Why do we need fat?

Well, every cell in our bodies has a cell wall that is made 99% of fats. It's why our skin is waterproof. Our brains are nearly 30% fat (and 70% water). We keep heat in our bodies because of a loose fat layer. And these are all the good types of fat. If we only eat good fats, we produce good tissues.That doesn't mean we get to drench our foods in fat.

We only need about the size of our thumb per day of various fats. That includes the fats found in foods and what we add.I always recommend sticking to less than 1/2 tablespoons per day total of added fats.Let's start with what I don't eat, ever: Trans fats.
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