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Empowered Boost The order of the exercises should not be changed, since the nature of the biceps of the thigh is such that they are well susceptible to stress and are difficult to get used to them. In addition, the need to first perform bending of the legs while lying down, and then standing is not accidental and is insuring in nature. The first exercise exerts a rather large load on the lower back and overloads it, while the second, on the contrary, has an unloading effect on the lower back. About how to strengthen the back and increase its muscle mass, read the article " How to build a back ." The third exercise in the complex should be deadlift on straight legs. She, unlike the bending of the legs, which have an effect mainly on the middle and lower region of the back of the thigh, actively "ironing" the upper part. You can perform this exercise with a barbell, but to achieve a better effect, replace it with dumbbells. The fact is that the bar will pull you forward and shift the load, and the dumbbells located along the line of legs will provide maximum load on the target muscles. The number of approaches and repetitions remains unchanged - 3 approaches of repetitions. As mentioned above, one third of the thigh surface is occupied by the adductor muscles and in order to fully pump up the legs, it is also necessary to pay attention to the training of this muscle group. Although, one way or another, they are still involved in performing all the above exercises, but once a month it is simply necessary to perform those exercises that emphasize precisely the development of adductor muscles of the thigh. So, lunges with a barbell on the shoulders.
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